Data Quality is more important than ever!

Data Quality has been important for years and the reliance on customer insights has grown as
digital transformation continues

Experian's latest Data Management Report1 shows that today’s businesses need high-quality information at their fingertips and believe that data quality is key to future business growth.

Data Quality is more important than ever quote

The recent Experian Data Management Report1 highlights these trends with businesses worldwide:

Customers remain a top priority

  • Businesses that invest in their customer data quality are likely to reach or achieve their goals
  • Improving customer experience continues to be their priority since 2020

Bad data impacts efficiency

  • With a large number of databases, creating a single view of buyers' journey is essential to maintain operational efficiency
  • Data quality is a key driver in allowing large volumes of data to be actionable across the entire business and beyond

Data accuracy is more important than ever

  • High volumes and the pandemic has pushed contact data to decay faster and businesses are finding it harder to stay in touch with their customers
  • Being data-driven is helping businesses stay on top of customer needs and market trends
  • Digital acceleration has made 87% of business leaders more reliant on quality data and insights

Agility in data management is key

  • Businesses need to be able to react to fast-changing market shifts means there is an ongoing need for flexibility, with agility being more important than ever
  • To ensure organizations can quickly pivot, they need high-quality information ready at their fingertips.

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1 Experian 2022 Global data management research looks at global trends in data management. The study surveyed more than 900 people in North America, Europe, and Australia. In the roles of C-suite executives, directors, and managers in IT, data, operations, finance, customer service, and more departments.

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