Paribus Discovery


We know that data deduplication (removing duplicate data) is a key success factor of a CRM system. Paribus Discovery was designed and created to identify and remove the duplicate data in your CRM.

Why do we have duplicate data?

Duplicate data exists in every CRM system. The question is how much do you have?

Some typical causes of data duplication are:

  • Errors made at data entry
  • Consolidation of existing data and data systems
  • Acquiring new data

Paribus can Identify the potential duplicates, which can then be resolved, if appropriate.

Our free trial will enable you to see how many you have, take it now…

Identify and resolve

Paribus Discovery finds matching data for you to action.
By identifying data, Paribus Discovery enables you to:

View Icon

View a single view of a customer

Reduce Icon

Reduce sales and marketing costs

Improve Icon

Improve customer satisfaction

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Improve company and brand reputation


Why Choose Paribus Discovery?

Easy Setup

  • Quick 10 minute setup
  • No data export
  • No programming

Identifying Duplicates

  • Accurate matching
  • Match sensitivity scale
  • Fuzzy matching
  • Matches across entire database

Resolving Duplicates

  • Several seamless integrations
  • Merge multiple records
  • No programmming
  • Consolidate into one master record


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