CRMUG Summit October 2015 – Reno, Nevada

Event: CRMUG Summit 2015

CRMUG Summit 2015 is the ultimate Microsoft Dynamics® CRM learning and networking event! You’ll enjoy an incomparable opportunity to learn in a collaborative environment, share Dynamics CRM knowledge and take advantage of unrivalled networking opportunities.

Date: October 13-16, 2015
Location: Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, Nevada, USA
Enrolment : Event now Closed

Event Details

Here’s what you need to know about CRMUG Summit 2015:

  • Customize your experience and decide which of the 100+ sessions to attend
  • Arrive early and participate in instructor-led Pre-Conference Training and be eligible to receive CPE credits (offered for most CRMUG Academy courses)
  • Feel the excitement of Reno-Tahoe, much like CRMUG Summit, Reno-Tahoe is a city bustling with an unbridled spirit

QGate will be giving two presentations at this event aimed at helping users make the most of their investment in CRM.

1. Duplicate Data: Prevention and Cure – Thursday 15 October at 9.30 am

You know that you have duplicate data, but how much is too much? CRM is a powerful tool, but if it is full of duplicate data, you could be losing many of the benefits that CRM can provide.  Learn where duplicate data comes from and how you can identify and eliminate it as well as how you can prevent it from entering your system in the first place.

2. Demystifying CTI: Telephone Integration with CRM – Friday 16 October 10.30 am

CTI, IVR, TAPI, VOIP.  The world of Computer Telephony Integration is full of jargon that makes CTI seem like black magic – impossible for mortals to understand.  In this presentation, we demystify this technology so you can see the real-world applications.  Learn how your business could truly benefit from adding CTI to your customer service toolbox.

At QGate, it’s our goal to help you become successful, both as an organization and individually. This is why we encourage you to take advantage of resources (yes, even ones that extend beyond our desks) and tap into the Dynamics CRM community. Dynamics CRM companies and individuals have been digging deeper into their Dynamics CRM investment at CRMUG Summit and discovering areas of growth.

QGate will be exhibiting and presenting at this event as a Platinum Sponsor.

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