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Preventing Duplicate Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Paribus 365

Summary: What is Paribus 365 and how it works
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Turning CRM users into data guardians by preventing duplicate data entering your system

What is Paribus 365?

Paribus 365 is a sophisticated data search engine seamlessly embedded into the heart of Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowering all CRM users to quickly and intelligently find data within their CRM system.

The obvious benefits this provides are the enhancement of the users’ ability to find what they are ultimately looking for, and also the intelligent and automatic data watch-guard over users’ daily activities that keeps them from entering duplicate data by mistake.

So how does it work?

Often is the case that the information you are seeking to find in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is in fact there. However, due to issues of poor data or misinterpretation of the data, your quest to find it simply fails. What happens next? You add a duplicate to the system, which only adds to the problem.

So take the scenario that you wish to find someone called “Bob Dixon at a Networks” company.

Wouldn’t it be truly great if searching Microsoft Dynamics 365 worked just like your favorite Internet Search engine – where you type in as little or as much as you know and have it intelligently find what you are looking for?  Should it really matter that the way you type or spell the name is slightly different, or that you did not use the correct synonym, or did not sequence the word correctly? – Absolutely not.

Thankfully this is exactly what Paribus Interactive for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is able to do for all users of CRM.

So when searching for “Bob Dixon at First Networks” you will see results such as “Robert Dixon at The Network 1st Communications Corporation”, “Bobby Dixon at Networks 1st Ltd”, and others that may be the same person.

Duplicate data prevention with Paribus Interactive

How does this make my CRM users more productive?

With Paribus Interactive seamlessly embedded into the daily canvas of Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM users benefit from its intelligent sophisticated search capabilities right where they are needed. The solution surfaces CRM information quickly and easily, and requires no additional tasks.

Intelligent Searching – If CRM users are working with existing information such as CRM Accounts, Contacts and Leads, the Paribus Interactive search engine can be used to search across the entire CRM system to quickly and easily find information.

Adding/Detecting Duplicates – If CRM users are adding new CRM information such as CRM Accounts, Contacts and Lead, Paribus Interactive provides a proactive duplicate data prevention capability to detect their input and warn of adding potential duplicate data.

Duplicate Detection – With seamless integration into each CRM entity such as CRM Accounts, Contacts and Leads, Paribus Interactive also provides a discrete heads-up of other CRM information that may be a potential duplicate.  This is particularly useful when researching new business (e.g. Leads) to be warned of a similar CRM entity which could be an existing customer.

CRM Lookups – The capabilities of Paribus Interactive can also be used to look-up CRM information such as CRM Accounts, Contacts and Leads wherever a CRM lookup operation is required.  So unlike the traditional CRM look-up capability, Paribus Interactive look-ups provide the same intelligent searching to quickly and effectively find the entity required.  This is particularly useful anywhere that CRM users need to lookup CRM information, such as Cases, Opportunities, Activities and custom entities.

How will Paribus 365 improve our CRM effectiveness?

Data is ultimately at the heart of any CRM system. By following effective data management principles and empowering your CRM users with the right tools for their daily tasks, the value they can extract from the CRM system will increase and so will their effectiveness.

Enabling CRM users to quickly and efficiently find what they are looking for will:

  • Improve users efficiency and acceptance of the CRM system
  • Prevent duplicate data
  • Improve upon the overall cleanliness and effectiveness of the CRM data.

Will this solve my duplicate data problem?

Paribus 365 – combining the power of Paribus Interactive and Paribus Discovery together with an effective data management strategy will turn CRM data into really useful information and transform your Microsoft Dynamics 365 into a much more valuable CRM system. The Paribus family provides two solutions to address the issue of duplicate data:

Prevention – Paribus Interactive is part of our data management family of products and is largely responsible for the prevention of duplicate data entering your CRM system.

Cure – Paribus Discovery is responsible for the identification and curing of existing duplicate data.  Should your CRM system already contain duplicate data then utilising Paribus Discovery will provide the Cure to identify and resolve this issue.

The combination of these Paribus products will ensure your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system remains largely free of duplicate data.

Do I have to install on all users’ machines?

No. Paribus Interactive is a Cloud based subscription service that is available from within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance and can be made available to any CRM users. Control and management of this can be done centrally by your CRM system administrator and/or Microsoft partner.

This seems too good to be true… can I try Paribus Interactive and Paribus Discovery for free?

Absolutely. We strongly recommend that you take our fully functional Free Trial, with no commitment. We do not require any credit card or payment details to enable this free trial. When your trial is near to expire we will be in touch to ask how you wish to continue with the service.

Try it free, today!

Further Information:

See the Paribus Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.