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Paribus 365™ now supports Microsoft’s new Unified Interface

Improving users’ experience and CRM efficiency with an intelligent CRM Search capability


QGate, leaders in delivering high-quality software solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, today announced the general availability of Paribus Interactive™ version 4.0.  The solution is a powerful search engine that enhances the search capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and intelligently safeguards CRM against duplicate data.

Finding and validating customer data in CRM systems has become a major issue for users, leaving them frustrated and creating duplicate records which erode the data quality of your system.

Making it easy for users to navigate and find exactly what they need is essential for CRM adoption across your organisation.

Intelligent CRM Search with Paribus Interactive for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Intelligent CRM Search with Paribus Interactive for Microsoft Dynamics 365

 “Having Paribus Interactive within the heart your CRM system is just like having your favourite Internet search engine embedded within Dynamics 365”, says QGate’s Managing Director Rowland Dexter.  “It is often the case you know the data is in there, but you simply cannot find it using the standard CRM search and lookup capabilities.  Being able to search for ‘Bob Dixon at IBM’ using Paribus and have it intelligently return results such as ‘Robert Dickson at International Business Machines’ is a fantastic improvement in user experience and efficiency.”

Microsoft’s new Unified Interface in Dynamics 365, brings a fresh new look and feel to their Dynamics applications and a consistent user experience across multiple devices, whether you favour the browser, tablet or smartphone.  “Paribus Interactive™ has been designed to work seamlessly with this new interface. We believe this has enabled us to achieve an even greater user experience and makes Paribus an intrinsic part of the user’s CRM story for better data quality and duplicate free data,” says QGate’s Director of Product Engineering, Mark Cooper. 

So how does the power of Paribus compare with the standard search, lookup and duplicate management capabilities offered by Microsoft?  Mark Cooper explains.  “Microsoft has many core feature sets to support these functions, but they only go so far – for some customers these capabilities may be adequate.  Microsoft embraces its partner community to enrich these areas with further functionality, which is where and why Paribus can help.

The power of Paribus Interactive™ enables Dynamics 365 to intelligently search and find data in many smart and sophisticated ways, far beyond the native or ‘Relevance’ search capabilities provided in Dynamics 365.  Our cloud-based search solution is dedicated to this task, providing both performance and scale to dig deep and deliver some truly insightful results.”

About Paribus Interactive

At the heart of Paribus Interactive™ is a ‘fuzzy’ search engine capable of performing searches on business data to surface intelligent match results from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data.  The Paribus Interactive solution leverages this power seamlessly within the new Unified Interface to overcome business challenges and deliver true business value:

Enhanced Searching – Paribus Interactive replaces the standard CRM search and lookup capabilities to enable your CRM users to quickly and efficiently find the data they are looking for, first time, every time.

Duplicate Prevention – Paribus Interactive provides process management at the point of data entry to warn and safeguard against the user adding potential duplicate data – saving users time and preventing the erosion of Data Quality (DQ) in Dynamics 365.

Duplicate Detection – Paribus Interactive resides within the detail views of your Dynamics 365 data (e.g. forms) to proactively warn and highlight potential data duplication – forming a virtual Single Customer View (SCV).

These important benefits increase your CRM users’ trust of the data, reduces frustrations from not being able to find the right information, maintain data quality and ultimately increase your users’ adoption of the CRM system and your ROI. 

Take your free trial now to see how effective Paribus 365™ is for your CRM.

More details of this intelligent CRM search solution can be found on the Paribus 365 website. 

The full Press Release can be found here.

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