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Paribus Interactive verses Dynamics 365 Relevance Search

Summary: Outline of the differences and capabilities of the Paribus Interactive search engine verses that of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relevance Search.
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This article outlines the differences and capabilities of Paribus Interactive for Microsoft Dynamics 365 verses that of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relevance Search.

Paribus Interactive™

The Paribus Interactive™ search engine is at its core a sophisticated “fuzzy” search service expressly tuned to intelligently match data within business application such as CRM.  Hosting a unique collection of proprietary matching algorithms enables Paribus Interactive to intelligently find matches within CRM business data that traditional database matching techniques do not.

In the context of CRM, Paribus Interactive will employ these intelligent matching capabilities to effectively find similarity in CRM entities such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Companies and Addresses.

Through the seamless integration of Paribus Interactive within Dynamics 365/CRM, this provides a suite of services to enable CRM users to:

  • Quickly and effectively find the CRM information they are looking for,
  • Provide proactive duplicate data detection when adding new CRM data,
  • Provide proactive duplicate data alerts when working with existing CRM data.

So in simple terms using CRM with Paribus Interactive to find
Bob Dixon at 1st Networks” will intelligently find you example results such as
Robert Dickson at First Communications and Networx“.

For more detailed information on the capabilities of the Paribus Interactive matching engine, see this article.

Dynamics 365 Relevance Search

The Dynamics 365 Relevance Search capability now available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides an alternate search capability to that of the standard database search.

The Dynamics Relevance Search is powered by the Azure Search Service, ultimately a service designed to provide search indexing of websites.  For more details of this service see this Microsoft article.

However whilst the CRM Relevance Search may reach further in achieving results relative to your search criteria than that of a standard database search, relevance search (Azure Search Service) is not a “fuzzy” search engine and thus does not employ the same sophisticated matching capabilities as Paribus Interactive.  It functions more upon where an exact search phrase may exist.

In simple terms using the CRM Relevance Search to find
Bob Dixon at 1st Networks” will not yield you the same results as Paribus Interactive.

Furthermore the CRM Relevance Search service does not provide any support or governance for duplicate data avoidance or duplicate data detection, as does Paribus Interactive.


Paribus Interactive is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM version 2013, 2015, 2016, 365 – for both online and on-premise (IFD) deployments.

Dynamics 365/CRM Relevance Search is only available to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online deployments.


It is in our opinion that each search service provides value and benefit in differing ways and that a combined use of each of them depending upon the nature of the search you wish to perform could achieve an effective solution.

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