CRMUG Rome January 2013 – Rome, Italy

Event CRMUG CRM User Group Event 2013
Outline CRMUG is all about users helping users succeed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The CRMUG Event will feature structured networking, educational sessions, and opportunities to learn how other users like you are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Date 31st January to 1st February 2013
Location Rome Italy
Enrolment  This event has now closed.
Featured Products
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Paribus 365™
  • intelli-CTi™

Event Details

After recently becoming a member of the CRM User Group, QGate decided to sponsor their event in Rome.  This provided us with a great opportunity to talk to and get feedback from real customers about their experiences and challenges with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

A few days after the event I was discussing what we had done with people outside of the CRM world and it came as a surprise to me, what we had been a part of.  The reason was that with products in our personal or professional lives we rarely meet fellow users to discuss what we are doing with it and exchange hints and tips about ways for it to give us greater value.

We do however attend networking meetings with the intention to discuss our business with other people but other than either gaining a new partner or customer there is usually little achieved that adds direct immediate business value.  The CRM User Group is different, it focuses the meetings around a series of seminars and workshops that enable people to discover at least one thing they can take back and implement at their business.  The most inspiring thing about this is that the meetings and seminars are typically run by other users of Dynamics CRM in the spirit of ‘servant-hood’.

Working as a Gold Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner we are confident that there are only a few questions about CRM that we would struggle to help a customer with.  The difference the CRM User Group makes is that it supports customers to get advice from other businesses in similar situations to themselves and get inspired by what they have achieved.  After the CRM User Group events many businesses may then reengage with their CRM partner to help them plan and implement the new ideas but the most important part is that the CRM User Group helps customers to learn how much Dynamics CRM can help them.

The understanding of this is what led QGate to sponsor and support the CRM User Group at their Rome event and recommend to all of our customers to consider if it could be of value to them.

Anthony Crook
Pre-Sales Consultant

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