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Uninstall Guide for Paribus Interactive

Summary: Uninstall Guide for Paribus Interactive for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM
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NOTE: The screenshots in this guide are taken with from Microsoft Dynamics 365. Earlier versions of CRM may look different but the steps are still correct.

Uninstall Guide for Paribus Interactive

Uninstalling Paribus Interactive is essentially just a reverse of the install process. Again, we start in the Solution Manager. Connect to your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Instance and navigate to the CRM Forms tab with the Search Engine icon. Then click on the Manage CRM Forms button…

Next simply click Disconnect All Forms to remove the Paribus Interactive search from any forms you have in your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. This should remove any rows in the Connected CRM Forms area.

Next we need to navigate to the CRM Site Map and remove the Paribus Interactive icon. To do this simply click Remove… After this has finished the Update button should change to read Add…

We now need to navigate your instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM -> Settings -> Solutions. Highlight the ParibusInteractiveFramework row and click Delete…

  1. Next Delete the ParibusInteractive row. If Paribus Interactive is your only QGate product, you can also delete the row for the QGSolutionManager.
  2. If you encounter any errors saying “Cannot Delete Component” – please refer to this guide.
  3. You have fully uninstalled Paribus Interactive.

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See the Paribus Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.