Webinar: Data Duplication – Prevention and Cure

This recorded webinar explains how the Paribus data cleansing software can help businesses clean and maintain their CRM data, providing a higher level of data quality, everyday.

Data Duplication – Prevention and Cure

QWARE provide tools that can identify and merge duplicate records within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM system and help you keep it clean.

  • PREVENTION:  Paribus Interactive™ is an addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows users to more efficiently and effectively find the record they are searching for,. Using Paribus’ sophisticated matching which also acts as a pro-active warning system to alert users when it appears they are trying to add a new record that may already exist – helping to PREVENT the creation of more duplicates in your system.
  • CURE: Paribus Discovery™ is a batch tool that allows you to intelligently find matching records within your CRM system based on sophisticated matching algorithms.  The merges them in-place within Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Infor CRM to create a single, consolidated record from the multiple records it found.

For more information on data deduplication or a free trial visit the  Paribus365.com website.

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