What is Paribus 365?: A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Deduplication Solution

Dynamics 365 Data Deduplication Solution

Picture this. You’re in a coffee shop and the barista calls your name for you to collect your order, only to find a dozen coffees all with your name on them. How do you know which is yours? Frustrating to say the least. Unfortunately, many CRM users find themselves in a similar situation with duplicate Account, Contact or Lead records. In fact, there are often so many duplicate records that it prevents them from finding the correct client at all, something detrimental to both their productivity and overall health of their CRM system. 

But how does this issue of data duplication arise in the first place? There are several answers. For example, imagine you’re looking for a contact called ‘Rob Dixon’. You’re sure he’s in the system, but the CRM search returns no results. This is because someone entered him as ‘Robert Dickson’, and the standard search function in CRM requires an exact match. To ensure you find Rob next time, you create a new record with the alternative spelling. This procedure is repeated by different users, and before you can say User Efficiency, your data quality has deteriorated, with the system full of cases carrying slight variations in their spelling of Rob’s name. 

The effects of Duplicate Data

The above cycle has a significant ripple effect. CRM users’ productivity is inhibited as they spend additional time trying to work out which client record is the correct one. Inputting leads into CRM that are already customers also makes it difficult to qualify them and results in misguided client interactions. Such problems are pervasive within the CRM community, so having a solution to combat them is of utmost importance. This is where Paribus 365, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 data deduplication solution, comes in. 

Embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365, Paribus 365 takes two key measures to fortify your CRM system against duplicate data. Firstly, it immediately warns users if the existing record they are engaging with is likely to be one of many for that particular customer. When it comes to data entry, Paribus 365 also reduces the chance of duplication by alerting users when they are about to add a contact already residing within CRM. It then takes this one step further by merging the duplicates together to remove them from your CRM and leave you with a single correct record. 

Beyond duplicate data detection, prevention, and clean-up is Paribus 365’s intelligent search capabilities. These capabilities significantly improve the user experience when looking for an Account, Contact or Lead, which automatically reduces the potential of a user needing to add a (duplicate) record.  Paribus 365 is composed of a suite of sophisticated data matching algorithms, that when searching within CRM, work together to identify ‘fuzzy’ matches. This means that regardless of features such as phonetic spelling (foto/photo) or the sequence (Birmingham University / University of Birmingham) in which the data has been entered, all relevant records will be returned, not just those that are an exact match. In turn, the efficiency of CRM users is improved as it enables them to quickly find the correct customer record and easily engage with it. 

Managing your data in such a way, Paribus 365 ensures a positive experience for both the CRM user and the people and organizations they interact with. Now you understand the theory behind its processes, see this Dynamics 365 data deduplication solution in action by signing up for our Paribus 365 free 30- day trial, and enjoy a glimpse into a life without duplicate data. 

Paribus 365: A Dynamics 365 Data Deduplication Solution 

What is Paribus 365?

Paribus 365 is our data quality solution with intelligent CRM searching and duplicate data management.  It has many capabilities, these include finding, reviewing and cleaning up your duplicate Dynamics 365 records. What does Paribus 365 include: 

Data Search and Detect (formerly known as Paribus Interactive:  Prevention) 

With Paribus 365’s Search and Detect suite of tools, users can:

  • Perform fuzzy searches within Dynamics 365 with Paribus 365’s Intelligent Search engine.  This provides a favorite internet search engine like search and lookup experience. 
  • Use multiple fuzzy search options to improve the CRM standard lookup capability with more intelligently powered Account, Contact and Lead record lookups.  The Paribus 365 Entity Lookup replaces the standard lookup function, improving both search capability and record selection, whilst populating the original lookup Dynamics 365 fields. 
  • Automatically avoid duplicate data whilst managing leads.  Paribus 365 Lead Management provides valuable insight when qualifying leads, it proactively alerts users if a Lead is already an existing Account, Contact or even a duplicate Lead.
  • Prevent creating duplicates when entering new data with Paribus 365’s Duplicate Prevention.  This works proactively as data is being entered (and before the information is saved), alerting users of potential duplicate data.  Saving valuable time, improving efficiency and preventing duplicates from entering your Dynamics 365 system. 
  • Find duplicates with Paribus 365’s Duplicate Detection, which automatically detects when a possible duplicate exists when a user is viewing information within Dynamics 365.   This enables a user to check if an entity has potential duplicates and to know if they are viewing the Single Customer View (SCV). 

Data Cleansing (formerly known as Paribus Discovery:  Cure) 

With Paribus 365’s Data Cleansing, Data Stewards and System Administrators can:

  • Intelligently identify duplicate data en masse 
  • Review and make informed decisions on how to resolve these duplicates 
  • Automatically merge and consolidate each set of duplicate records into a single master record 
  • Produce a golden record and Single Customer View (SCV).

To find out more about these Dynamics 365 data deduplication capabilities, visit the Paribus 365 website. 

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