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Data duplication is a nightmare for anyone working with CRM systems.

What if you could empower users to prevent it? If they are entering duplicate data because they can’t find existing records, Paribus Interactive for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM is just what you need. Using its intelligent search capability, the solution will find all those potential duplicate records that the standard search and lookup features simply do not.

PREVENTION is always better than CURE, although we can do that too - Paribus Discovery.

Take a trial now, to see how much your users will love it.

Why Paribus Interactive?

Paribus Interactive has been specifically designed to empower all of your users to pro-actively avoid data duplication and manage this critical area of data quality. This solution does this as part of users’ everyday CRM tasks, without additional workload.

Paribus Interactive provides sophisticated data matching to CRM in a way that enables each and every user to be aware of potential duplicate data across Accounts, Contacts and Leads. It provides immediate identification of potential duplicate records as well as enhanced lookup and search capabilities. This means that users will find existing records easily, increasing their productivity and avoiding the creation of duplicate data.

Increasing User Adoption and Customer Satisfaction via better data quality with Paribus Interactive for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM.


Paribus Interactive finds matching data for you to review before taking action.
Paribus Interactive enables your teams to:

Data Icon

Improve data quality

Prevent Icon

Prevent data duplication during everyday tasks

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Easily find the right contact to update

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Increase user effectiveness with its intuitive interface


Why Choose Paribus Interactive?

Subscription based solution

  • Monthly subscription
  • No capital costs

Intelligent Searching

  • Across all Contacts, Accounts and Leads
  • Honors CRM Security
  • Find a person or company in a single search
  • No data export

Identifying Duplicates

  • Sophisticated "fuzzy" matching
  • Configurable match sensitivity

Easy to Use

  • Familiar CRM environment
  • Intuitive inline interface


  • Simple application for install (CRM Solution Manager)
  • Configurable "codeless" customisations
  • Azure hosted service


QGate's Paribus Interactive allows our sales and service staff to find customer records quickly and easily and means that we can concentrate on delivering service rather than finding names in a database. Our CRM data is as duplicate free as it could be with no additional effort making it easier for forecasting and reporting.

Steve Luckett, Director, Lucketts Travel





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