Paribus Interactive

Data duplication causes nightmares for anyone working with CRM systems.

You can empower your Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to prevent it. If they are entering duplicate data because they can’t find the existing records they are looking for, Paribus Interactive is the tool you need. Using its sophisticated search capabilities, users will find all those potential duplicate records that the standard search and lookup features simply do not.

PREVENTION is always better than CURE, although we can do that too - Paribus Discovery.

Get your fully assisted, free trial today, to see how much your users will love it.

QGate's Paribus Interactive allows our sales and service staff to find customer records quickly and easily and means that we can concentrate on delivering service rather than finding names in a database. Our CRM data is as duplicate free as it could be with no additional effort making it easier for forecasting and reporting.

Steve Luckett, Director, Lucketts Travel