Paribus Acceptable Use Policy

Paribus Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) is governed by the End User Services Agreement (EUSA) for QGate’s Paribus Interactive service (“Agreement”). Except as otherwise expressly set forth in this AUP, the defined terms used in this AUP shall have the same meanings as the defined terms in the Agreement.

1. AUP Introduction
This AUP describes the types of uses of the Services which are contrary to QGate’s objectives and which are, therefore, prohibited. This AUP applies to all Authorised Users of the Services. This AUP has been published by QGate as part of its overall effort to: provide high quality, reliable and stable service to all subscribers; protect the privacy and security of all its subscribers, systems, and networks; encourage responsible use of QGate’s resources; and comply with applicable laws. QGate therefore reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine whether a use of the Services is a violation of this AUP and if QGate becomes aware of a violation of this AUP, QGate may take such action as it deems appropriate to address the violation, as referenced below.

2. Prohibited Uses
Uses of the Services as described below are prohibited under this AUP. These descriptions are guidelines and are not intended to be exhaustive.

3. Regulations on Usage of Services

The Order Form for a Subscription may specify the maximum number of authorised users (“Authorised Users”) who may be registered with the relevant Service to access and use the Services on Subscriber’s behalf. Subscriber will appoint and authorise one (1) Authorised User (an “Administrator”) to administer Subscriber’s use of Services, including, if necessary, the appointment and termination of other Authorized Users. Subscriber will ensure that Authorised Users use the Cloud Service only on behalf of Subscriber and strictly in accordance with the restrictions and requirements set forth in this Agreement. Subscriber is fully responsible and liable for all acts and omissions by or on behalf of Authorised Users and their access to and use of the Services and the results obtained there from. Subscriber will ensure that each Authorised User fully complies with all of Subscriber’s obligations under the Agreement, and all of the requirements, restrictions and limitations regarding the Services set forth in the Agreement.

A Service may permit an Administrator to authorise and terminate other Authorised Users’ registration to use the Services using online controls. Subscriber may submit a written request (including by email) to QGate requesting that QGate terminate an Administrator’s registration to use the Services. QGate, acting reasonably, may refuse to register an individual as an Authorised User, and may restrict, suspend or terminate (in whole or in part) an Authorised User’s registration to access and use the Services. Each Authorised User will be considered to be an active Authorised User of the Services unless and until his or her registration to use the Services is terminated by an Administrator or QGate in accordance with the Agreement.

Each Authorized User will access and use the Services using a valid username and password registered with the Services (collectively, “Credentials”). Credentials are specific to the Authorised User for whom they are registered, and may not be shared with or transferred to any other person. Subscriber will ensure that each Authorised User keeps their Credentials secure and confidential at all times, does not permit any other person to use their Credentials, and immediately notifies QGate if they know or suspect that their Credentials have become known to or used by any other person. Subscriber is fully responsible and liable for the security of all Credentials and all use and misuse of Credentials. If QGate, in its discretion, considers a Credential to be insecure or to have been used inappropriately, then QGate may immediately cancel the Credential without any notice to Subscriber, the affected Authorised User, or any other person. QGate may require Authorised Users change their Credentials from time to time. The Services may contain technologies that monitor, record and report to QGate information regarding an Authorised User’s access to and use of the Services, and QGate may use that information for system administration purposes and to provide the Services to Subscriber, and may disclose that information to Subscriber and Subscriber’s other personnel. Subscriber will obtain from each Authorised User his or her informed consent to the collection, retention, use, storage, processing and disclosure of their personal information as set forth herein and as otherwise permitted by applicable law.

Uses of the Services may not exceed the parameters described in this AUP and the Agreement as excessive and extreme usage may result in a strain on the environment. Although QGate has designed the Services to handle server strain generated by the activity of its Subscribers, excessive and extreme usage may affect responsiveness of the Services.

4. Free Subscriptions
If Subscriber is using the Services pursuant to a trial or free (no monthly fee) Subscription, Subscriber may for its sole convenience terminate the Subscription and the Agreement at any time effective immediately by permanently ceasing to use the Services; and QGate may for its sole convenience terminate the Subscription and the Agreement at any time effective immediately by cancelling Subscriber’s account and Subscriber’s access to the Services.

5. Non­Compliance
Non­compliance with any of the above guidelines may result in a demand from QGate for immediate corrective action by a Subscriber. In cases where QGate deems it necessary to prevent negative consequences to the service environment, QGate may temporarily disable a Subscriber’s access to the Services until QGate and the Subscriber are able to reach an
agreement with respect to corrective action. QGate, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to take corrective measures – without prior notice to a Subscriber if the Subscriber cannot immediately be reached – in cases it deems necessary to do so. Refunds or credits will not be issued in connection with actions taken for violations of this AUP.