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Welcome to My Data Diary

Hi, I’m Poppy Fair-Facts – welcome to my Data Diary! I have been the Product Evangelist and Data Quality Guru at Paribus 365 for over 15 years. In that time, I have witnessed the volume of data created by businesses increase dramatically, and helped many of them to fix the cause of countless issues in data quality within Dynamics 365. To capture this valuable experience, I thought there was no better way than to a keep a diary about all that we have learnt.

From the technologies we have available to keep track of our personal data, to the ways of detecting duplicate records in your CRM system, my collection of diary entries is here to discuss and share with you my thoughts on all things data, and hopefully answer many of your questions along the way.

Share in the love, insight and wisdom.

What is Data Deduplication?

Have you ever wondered what the term Data Deduplication means and how it can help you, your CRM system, and your users?

Let me try to help. In this article I will explain what Data Deduplication is; provide an example and most importantly, how it can help you and your Microsoft Dynamics 365 users be more efficient and remove your duplicate records.

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10 Top Tips to Improve Data Quality

Poor data quality costs organizations an average $12.9 million a year according to Gartner.

The emphasis on data quality (DQ) in enterprise systems has increased as organizations; establishing and maintaining high levels of data quality is a constant challenge and the huge growth in the amounts of data they're generating makes that task more difficult.

In this article, we provide ten tips to improve your Data Quality and processes.

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Duplicate data is one of the major data challenges today. Data consolidation and human entry differences are some of the sources of duplicate data. Even customers potentially cause some confusion by providing different contact details at different times. It is therefore important for companies to remove their duplicate records from their CRM. In this article, we explain the main reasons why removing duplicate data is important for your business.

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What is Fuzzy Matching?

Hi, have you ever heard the term Fuzzy Matching and wondered what it actually means…?"

Let me try to help. In this article I will explain what Fuzzy Matching is; the science behind it, and most importantly, how it can help you and your Microsoft Dynamics 365 users be more efficient and achieve a Single Customer View (SCV).

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Duplicate data demystified

Find out why the myths surrounding Duplicate Data are misleading and how you can avoid these common pitfalls.

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What is Paribus 365?

Why not grab yourself a coffee and let me tell you all about Paribus 365™.

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How can I improve searching in Dynamics 365?

Are you frustrated with Dynamics 365 Relevance Search?
Find out how Poppy can help you find exactly what you are looking for...

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How can I prevent duplicate records in Dynamics 365?

Do you have duplicate records in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system?
Do you want to prevent more duplicates entering your CRM?
Find out how here...

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What is big data?

Have you heard the term big data and wondered what it is and what it means for your business? Poppy interviews Paribus 365's CEO, Mark Cooper, to understand what the explosion of data means for you and your businesses.

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