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Increase data quality and user adoption of Dynamics 365 with Paribus 365™

Paribus 365™

Boosts user efficiency and productivity

Paribus 365™

Improves customer service and engagement

Paribus 365™

Increases trust in your CRM to gain user adoption

Paribus 365™

Reduces sales and marketing costs

Paribus 365™

Improves and maintains data quality

Paribus 365™

Improves lead management

Paribus 365™

Supports regulatory compliance

Paribus 365™

Provides a single customer view

Whether its errors made during data entry or the consolidation of existing data, CRM systems regularly become stained with data duplicates. This leaves users frustrated, as they are unable to find the exact customer record they are looking for. Time is then wasted trawling CRM platforms until these are located, often at the expense of customer relationships and satisfaction.

Managing data appropriately is therefore vital to ensuring a company's sales process and customer service goes uninterrupted. With Paribus 365™, our aim is to help you achieve this by exposing your CRM user's dirty duplicate data. This is done through our unique solution fully embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which uses sophisticated match algorithms and its fuzzy search capability to identify and clean-up your duplicate records.

Not only does Paribus 365™ allow your users to work more efficiently, it prevents their systems becoming contaminated with future data duplicates by warning them when they are about to enter a potential existing record, ensuring ongoing data quality.

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Paribus 365™ Feature Highlights

Paribus 365 Intelligent Search

Paribus 365™ Intelligent Search

At the heart of the Paribus 365™ solution is an intelligent search engine, providing a sophisticated fuzzy search capability embedded seamlessly within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Performing fuzzy searches within Dynamics 365 using Paribus 365™ is like having your favorite internet search engine replace the standard Dynamics 365 searches and lookups.

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Paribus 365™ Entity Lookups

The power of the Paribus 365™ search engine can be used to replace the CRM standard lookup capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, to provide more intelligently powered entity lookups.

Using multiple search criteria, CRM users can perform Paribus 365™ searches for business entities and have these populate into the standard CRM lookups fields.

Paribus 365 Entity Lookups

Paribus 365 Lead Management

Paribus 365™ Lead Management

Paribus 365™ can play an active role in the management of Leads within Microsoft Dynamics 365, to assist in the qualification process and to automatically safeguard against duplicate data.

Paribus 365™ Lead management provides valuable insight during the Lead engagement and qualification process to ensure Leads do not potentially conflict with existing data (e.g. existing Accounts and Contacts).Paribus 365™ proactively alerts users when Leads are in fact already customers, assisting to better qualify them and avoid misguided interaction with existing customers.

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Prevention

Paribus 365™ plays an active role when adding new data (Accounts, Contacts and Leads) into Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automatically prevent and safeguard against duplicate data entry.

Paribus 365™ duplicate prevention works proactively as data is being entered (and before the information is fully committed) to alert users of potential duplicate data, thus saving users valuable time, improving user efficiency, and preventing duplicate data entry.

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Paribus 365 Duplicate Prevention

Paribus 365 Duplicate Detection

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection

Paribus 365™ plays an active role when viewing information within Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automatically detect whenever possible where duplicates may exist.

When working with business entities within Dynamics 365 (e.g. customers), it is vitally important to appreciate if that entity has any potential duplicates and to know you are not always working with the single version of the truth (Single Customer View - SCV).

Paribus 365's duplicate detection automatically alerts users if the entity they are engaging with has any possible duplication, providing an easy ability for users to cross review those duplicates within Dynamics 365.

Paribus 365™ Data Cleansing

Paribus 365™ provides a collection of data cleansing services to analyze the entire content of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 to intelligently identify mass duplicate data.

Empowering your data analysts with insight of potential duplicates, Paribus 365 allows them to review and
make informed decisions upon how best to resolve them.

Once this has been achieved the Paribus 365 data cleansing service will automatically merge and consolidate
each set of duplicate records into a single master record,
preserving its related content to produce the ultimate golden record and Single Customer View (SCV).


Paribus 365 Data Cleansing

Paribus 365™ allows our sales and service staff to find customer records quickly and easily and means that we can concentrate on delivering service rather than finding names in a database. Our CRM data is as duplicate free as it could be with no additional effort making it easier for forecasting and reporting. Paribus has been a great tool for our new Inside Sales Team. It quickly identifies if there are duplicate leads or related accounts and contacts that exist in CRM without the hassle of trying to search for the records manually. Additionally, it will take you to the potential contact or account records and review further details to help verify the correct match.

Laura Wagstrom, CRM Analyst, Colder Products Company

See how effective Paribus 365™ is for your CRM

Paribus 365™ is the data quality guardian for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Providing users with confidence the customer data they are seeing in Dynamics 365 is the single
version of the truth, with smart duplicate detection offering a Single Customer View (SCV), and
proactive duplicate prevention to safeguard data quality.


Other Integrations Available

The Paribus for Infor CRM solution provides duplicate data management for Infor CRM systems.





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