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Successfully managing your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data and keeping it clean of duplicates is vital to achieving effective customer engagement and securing a Single Customer View (SCV).

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Increase data quality and user adoption of Dynamics 365 with Paribus 365™

Paribus 365™

Boosts user efficiency and productivity

Paribus 365™

Improves customer service and engagement

Paribus 365™

Increases trust in your CRM to gain user adoption

Paribus 365™

Reduces sales and marketing costs

Paribus 365™

Improves and maintains data quality

Paribus 365™

Improves lead management

Paribus 365™

Supports regulatory compliance

Paribus 365™

Provides a single customer view

Paribus 365™ has helped us reduce duplicates in our CRM system significantly. The Paribus team is very customer focus and responsive to our requests. From an operations and sales perspective, Paribus has significantly improved our efficiency and reduced wasted time and effort on duplicate records.


Whether its errors made during data entry or the consolidation of existing data, CRM systems regularly become stained with data duplicates. This leaves users frustrated, as they are unable to find the exact customer record they are looking for. Time is then wasted trawling CRM platforms until these are located, often at the expense of customer relationships and satisfaction.

Managing data appropriately is therefore vital to ensuring a company's sales process and customer service goes uninterrupted. With Paribus 365™, our aim is to help you achieve this by exposing your CRM user's dirty duplicate data. This is done through our unique solution fully embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which uses sophisticated match algorithms and its fuzzy search capability to identify and clean-up your duplicate records.

Not only does Paribus 365™ allow your users to work more efficiently, it prevents their systems becoming contaminated with future data duplicates by warning them when they are about to enter a potential existing record, ensuring ongoing data quality.

Realize your customer data with Paribus 365™
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Paribus 365™ Feature Highlights

Dynamics users become frustrated to find information, confused about the truth and often misguided by duplicate information, ultimately leading to a lack of customer satisfaction.

Paribus 365, fully embedded in Dynamics 365, provides the following capabilities proven to ensure core principles in data quality:

Paribus 365 Intelligent Search

Paribus 365™ Intelligent Search

Successfully FIND exactly what you are looking for

At the heart of the Paribus 365™ solution is our Intelligent Search engine, providing a sophisticated fuzzy search capability embedded seamlessly within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Performing fuzzy searches using Paribus 365™ is like having your favorite internet search engine right inside of your CRM, searching across multiple entities in a single search.

With Paribus 365's intelligent fuzzy matching you can always find what you are looking for, even if you do not spell it correctly, or know the exact name of the person or company.

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Paribus 365™ Smart Entity Lookups

Despite being a core feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365, entity Lookups do not contain any degree of fuzzy matching/searching.

In fact, in cases where entities are not found, Dynamics 365 Lookups will promote the creation of a new entity, which is likely to be a duplicate.

Paribus 365™ Smart Entity Lookups provides an enhanced replacement with all the power of the Paribus 365™ fuzzy match engine, ensuring Dynamics users a safer alternative tool allowing them to always establish the correct entity Lookup.

Paribus 365 Entity Lookups

Paribus 365 Lead Management

Paribus 365™ Advanced Lead Management

Efficient and effective Lead management is essential to providing a clear insight into business opportunities and monitor progress with new prospects and existing customers.

Paribus 365™ Lead Management provides valuable insight during the Lead qualification and engagement process to automatically highlight existing customers.

By proactively associating Leads with existing customers, Paribus 365™ greatly assists the qualification process, ensuring Leads do not potentially conflict with existing data, avoiding duplicates and preventing embarrassing and misguided interaction with customers.

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Prevention

Keep your Dynamics 365 free of duplicates

We know that without appropriate data quality safeguards and policies in place just how vulnerable your Dynamics 365 system can be.

With Paribus Duplicate Prevention, your Dynamics 365 system is automatically protected by our data quality firewall, enforcing data governance and safeguarding users from adding in costly duplicates.

Paribus 365™ actively prevents the creation of duplicate data by automatically alerting users when they are about to add an Account, Contact and Lead into Microsoft Dynamics 365 that already exists in the CRM.

Paribus 365™ duplicate prevention works proactively as data is being entered (and before the information is fully committed) to alert users of potential duplicate data, thus saving users valuable time, improving user efficiency, and preventing duplicate data entry.

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Paribus 365 Duplicate Prevention

Paribus 365 Duplicate Detection

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection

When engaging with business entities in Dynamics 365, it is vitally important for users to know if that entity has any potential duplication and to ensure they are always working with the single version of the truth.

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection plays an active role when viewing information within Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automatically detect whenever possible where duplicates may exist.

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection plays an active role to provide users with valuable insight into any potential conflicting duplication before they engage with a given entity. This makes it easy for users to cross review each conflict and to establish a Single Customer View (SCV).

Paribus 365™ Data Cleanse, Merge and Consolidation

Achieving duplicate-free data should be a key goal of any data quality strategy. However, despite best endeavours, this can be marred by endless challenges which fail to achieve a truly merged customer view.

Paribus 365™ Data Cleansing provides capabilities to search across your entire Dynamics 365 system to identify large-scale data duplication, empowering your data analysts with valuable insight on data quality.

Once identified, duplicates can be reviewed and approved before easily merging and consolidating into a single master golden record and Single Customer View (SCV).


Paribus 365 Data Cleansing

Paribus 365™ allows our sales and service staff to find customer records quickly and easily and means that we can concentrate on delivering service rather than finding names in a database. Our CRM data is as duplicate free as it could be with no additional effort making it easier for forecasting and reporting. Paribus has been a great tool for our new Inside Sales Team. It quickly identifies if there are duplicate leads or related accounts and contacts that exist in CRM without the hassle of trying to search for the records manually. Additionally, it will take you to the potential contact or account records and review further details to help verify the correct match.

Laura Wagstrom, CRM Analyst, Colder Products Company

Paribus 365 helped us prevent duplicates. When someone enters data, it is great to make sure that no duplicates are being created. Paribus has really helped us out with list matching. We have done a lot of pairings between CRM and various ERP systems. We have used it for deduping and list matching and also for Salesforce data too. The support from Paribus 365 is great, although we have not had to use it much. We have been using Paribus for many years now.

Stephen Pond, Wolters Kluwer

Paribus 365 allows our sales and service staff to find customer records quickly and easily and means that we can concentrate on delivering service rather than finding names in a database. Our CRM data is as duplicate-free as possible, with no added effort, making it easier for forecasting and reporting!

Steve Luckett, Director, Lucketts Travel

We have been working with Paribus 365 for a number of years now. It has really helped us to streamline our data that is in our systems to ensure that we have clean data and when our customers call in we can go right to their record without fumbling around in similar records, so it has helped us become a lot more efficient. The team at Paribus is always there for us when we need them.

Karen Dedier, Vice President of Engineering, Noble Systems

For our customers being able to clean up the data is so important. Everything is data centric, so they have to have clean data whether they have to plug it in or dealing with what they have currently.

Terry Unger, Consultant, Simple Soft Solutions

See how effective Paribus 365™ is for your CRM

Paribus 365™ is the proven DQ for Dynamics solution, your data quality guardian for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Providing users with confidence the customer data they are seeing in Dynamics 365 is the single
version of the truth, with smart duplicate detection offering a Single Customer View (SCV), and
proactive duplicate prevention to safeguard data quality.

Paribus 365™ is revolutionizing the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 users manage their data,
saving precious time and empowering organizations to finally realize
the true potential of their customer data.

Find it, trust it, engage it!


Other Integrations Available

The Paribus for Infor CRM solution provides duplicate data management for Infor CRM systems.





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