Improving Search in Dynamics 365

How can I improve searching in Dynamics 365?


"For a long time, I’ve been getting frustrated and fed up with Dynamics 365’s Relevance Search. Whenever I try to look for a particular entity in CRM, instead of narrowing down the number of potential records, it returns a list of ALL the customer names that contain any of the text I use in my original search. I can’t tell you the amount of time I’ve wasted trawling these results pages. Do you know how to make searching in Dynamics 365 easier?"



Let me start off by saying I really empathise with you on this one! As it happens, I know the advanced data management solution Paribus 365 is great at finding exactly what you’re searching for in Dynamics. It’s fully embedded within CRM and has an intelligent search engine which provides fuzzy matching. This is a set of sophisticated algorithms which ALWAYS identify the person or company you’re trying to find, even if you:

It’s just like having your favourite search engine right inside of CRM! Furthermore, as an additional safety net, Paribus provides a match score which shows the likelihood of each result being the same as the entity you initially searched for. Give it a go and I promise you’ll see the following improvements:

Watch the feature walkthrough video for Improving Search in Dynamics 365 to see this in action.

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