What is Paribus 365?

What is Paribus 365™? - A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Deduplication Solution

Are you wondering "What is this Paribus 365™ and what will it do for me?"

This Data Diary article will explain what Paribus 365™ is; what are its capabilities, and most importantly how it can help you and your Dynamics 365 users achieve better data quality within your Dynamics system and ultimately achieve much better engagement with your customers. Enjoy!

Duplicate Data explained

What is Paribus 365

Imagine you’re in a coffee shop and the barista calls your name for you to collect your order, only to find a dozen coffees all with your name on them. How do you know which is yours? Frustrating to say the least. Unfortunately, many Dynamics 365 users find themselves in a similar situation with duplicate Account, Contact or Lead records. In fact, there are often so many duplicate records that it prevents them from finding the correct customer account at all, something detrimental to both their productivity and the overall health of their CRM system.

But how does this issue of data duplication arise in the first place? There are several reasons. For example, imagine you’re looking for a contact called ‘Rob Dixon’. You are sure he is in the system, but the CRM search returns no results. This is because someone entered him as ‘Robert Dickson’, and the standard search function in Dynamics 365 requires an exact match. Unbeknown he already exists, you create a new ‘Rob Dixon’ with the alternative spelling. This procedure is repeated by many different users, and before you can say User Efficiency, your data quality has greatly deteriorated, with the system full of duplicate contacts carrying slight variations in the spelling of names.

So why do I need a Dynamics 365 Data Deduplication Solution?

The above has a significant ripple effect. CRM users’ productivity is inhibited as they spend additional time working out which client record is the correct one. Inputting Leads into Dynamics 365 that are already customers also makes it difficult to securely qualify them and results in misguided client interactions. These problems are pervasive within the CRM community, so having a solution to combat them is very important.

Embedded seamlessly within Microsoft Dynamics 365, Paribus 365™ provides a data quality firewall to prevent duplicate data from entering CRM, and a data quality guardian to surface up existing duplicates to ensure users are always engaging with the correct version of the truth. All of these act together to improve your Dynamics data quality (DQ for Dynamics) and help master your Single Customer View (SCV).

Furthermore, Paribus 365™ also provides the ability to scan and monitor your entire Dynamics system for mass duplicate data, which can be merged and consolidated into one master golden record with our powerful proven data merge capabilities.

Duplicate records (data) frustrate Dynamics 365 users, misguiding and confusing them about the truth of information, which ultimately impacts upon customer satisfaction. Successfully managing your Dynamics 365 data and keeping it clean and free of duplicates results in effective customer engagement and a true single view of the customer (SCV).

Dynamics 365 Duplicate Data Solution

Paribus 365™ provides the following capabilities to deliver upon these core principles of data quality:

Intelligent Searching

At the heart of Paribus 365 is an Intelligent Search engine, provides a sophisticated fuzzy search capability. Performing searches using Paribus 365 is like having your favorite internet search engine right inside your CRM, searching across multiple entities in a single search.

With Paribus intelligent fuzzy matching you can always find what you are looking for, even if you do not spell it exactly right, or know the exact name of the person or company.

Duplicate Prevention

We know that without appropriate data quality safeguards and policies in place just how vulnerable your Dynamics 365 system can be. With Paribus Duplicate Prevention, your Dynamics system is automatically protected by our data quality firewall, enforcing data governance and safeguarding users from adding in costly duplicates.

Paribus 365 actively prevents the creation of duplicate data by automatically alerting users when they are about to add an Account, Contact or Lead that already exists within the CRM system.

Duplicate Detection

When engaging with business entities in Dynamics 365, it is vitally important for users to know if that entity has a potential duplicate and to ensure they are always working with the single version of the truth.

Paribus 365 Duplicate Detection plays an active role providing users with valuable insight into any potential conflicting duplication before they engage with a given entity. This makes it easy for users to cross-review each conflict and to establish a SCV.

Data Cleanse, Merge and Consolidation

Achieving duplicate-free data should be a key goal of any data quality strategy. However, despite best endeavours, this can be marred by endless challenges which fail to achieve a truly merged customer view.

Paribus Data Cleansing enables you to search across your entire Dynamics 365 system to identify large-scale data duplication, empowering data analysts with valuable data quality insight. Once identified, duplicates can be reviewed and approved before easily merging and consolidating them into a single master golden record.

Advanced Lead Management

Efficient and effective Lead management is essential to provide a clear insight of business opportunities and monitor progress with new prospects and existing customers.

Paribus 365 Lead Management provides valuable insight during the Lead qualification and engagement process, automatically highlighting existing customers (SCV).   By proactively associating Leads with existing customers, Paribus 365 assists qualification, avoids duplicate conflict and prevents embarrassing and misguided interaction with customers.

Smart Entity Lookups  

Despite being a core feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365, entity Lookups do not use any fuzzy matching/searching. In fact, in cases where entities are not found, Dynamics Lookups promote the creation of a new entity, which may be a duplicate.

Paribus Smart Entity Lookups provides an enhanced replacement capability with all the power of the Paribus fuzzy match engine, ensuring Dynamics users a safer alternative and allowing them to always establish the correct entity Lookup.

Paribus 365 is revolutionizing the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 users manage their data – as the proven DQ for Dynamics solution,
your data quality guardian for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Saving users precious time and empowering organizations to finally realize the true potential of their customer data.


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