Duplicate Detection and Merge for Dynamics 365


Instantly alert users of possible duplicate conflicts!

When engaging with business entities in Dynamics 365, it is vitally important for users to know of any potential data duplication to ensure they are always working with the single version of the truth.


Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection and Merge play an active role in providing users with valuable insight into any potential conflicting duplication before they engage with a given entity.

Empowering users to cross-review and merge each detected duplicate conflict to establish a Single Customer View (SCV).



Paribus 365 Duplicate Detection and Merge

When viewing and managing Dynamics 365 entities, Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection automatically detects potential duplicates and warns users of their existence - enabling them to easily cross-review those duplicates within the CRM system.

Let us walk through the Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection and Merge features:

Paribus 365 Duplicate Detection

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection is seamlessly embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 entity detail forms to proactively warn of any possible duplicates.

A warning of potential duplicates is also shown as a notification bar.

“Paribus Duplicate Detection” Tab

Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection support is provided upon a tab within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 entity detail form.

Duplicate Detection for Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Paribus 365

Paribus 365™ uses information from the current business entity to automatically search for potential duplicates.

Any potential duplicates detected are automatically displayed as clickable notifications.

Paribus 365 Duplicate Detection Results

Dynamics 365 Duplicate Record Detection with Paribus 365

Selecting one of the Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection links will show those possible duplicate search results.

Paribus 365™ match results show possible duplicates in order of their closest likeness.

Paribus Duplicate Detection - Merge

Dynamics 365 Paribus Duplicate Detection - Merge

Any of these potential duplicate Contacts may be ‘Merged’ into the current, primary Contact.*

Clicking Merge will open a dialog to confirm details before merging with the primary Contact record.

* (user permissions-depending).

Further information is available here.

Data Quality Firewall

We know that without appropriate data quality safeguards and policies in place, just how vulnerable your Dynamics 365 system can be.

With Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection, data within your Dynamics 365 system is protected by our data quality firewall, which automatically detects and warns of conflicting duplicates.

Single Customer View (SCV)

With Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection, Dynamics 365 users are automatically presented with potential conflicting duplicates every time they view information.  

Immediately highlighting the presence of duplicate data ensures Dynamics 365 users with a virtual single view of the customer.

Making Data Quality Everyone's Mission

The latest version of Paribus 365™ empowers CRM users to merge records within Dynamics 365, supporting the belief that users play an important role in removing duplicates (deduplication) as they go about their CRM daily tasks.

Making them more efficient in their ability to use Dynamics 365 effortlessly and empowering them to be part of the overall Data Quality Management strategy, along with IT, marketing, and other departments.

Find out more about the latest Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection and Merge capabilities.

Data Quality Governance

Seamlessly, within the operations of Dynamics 365, Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection proactively checks for the presence of duplicate data. 

Enforcing data quality governance and ensuring users' awareness of data quality conflicts. 

Automatic Duplicate Alerts

Using Paribus 365's intelligent fuzzy matching capabilities, Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection automatically checks across multiple Dynamics 365 entities.

When detecting duplicates, Paribus 365™ will proactively present Dynamics 365 users with on-screen alerts to warn and empower them to take action.

Promote User Efficiencies

Whenever working with entities within Dynamics 365, it is essential for users to know that the information they are seeing and working with is in fact the single view of that entity.

Often data quality issues such as duplicate data can mask the clarity of this information, leaving users naively unaware of what they are seeing and more importantly not seeing.

When users view a Dynamics 365 entity, Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection will automatically scan for possible conflicting duplicates based upon the current entity, providing users with proactive alerts to the presence of more disparate information.

Paribus 365™ will present a list of potential duplicate entities and allow users to easily navigate to any one of them to seek further insight - thus creating a virtual consolidated 360-degree view of that entity across its duplicated existence. This valuable insight ensures that Dynamics users can always gain a single version of the truth.

Using Paribus 365™ Duplicate Detection and Merge

✓ KEEPS your Dynamics 365 users informed

✓ PROVIDES a Single Customer View (SCV)

✓ SAVES precious time

✓ Always ENSURES you never ADD a duplicate
(...because that would be bad!)


Paribus 365™ is the proven DQ for Dynamics solution, your data quality guardian for Microsoft Dynamics 365,
providing users with the confidence the customer data they see in Dynamics 365 is:

✓ The single version of the truth

✓ With smart duplicate detection defining a Single Customer View (SCV)

✓ And proactive duplicate detection in safeguarding data quality

✓ Realize Your Customer Data 

Find It - Trust It - Engage It

Duplicate Detection and Merge for Dynamics 365


Duplicate Detection and Merge for Dynamics 365

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Duplicate Detection and Merge for Dynamics 365


Duplicate Detection and Merge for Dynamics 365

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