Paribus Data Security

The policy and guidelines set out here cover separately QWARE’s use of data we collect and use to provide our products and services (“collected by QWARE”) and data collected by our subscribers through the use of those products and services (“collected by Paribus”).

All sensitive data, when within QWARE’s control, is transmitted over public networks using industry-­standard transport protocols including SSL/TLS and, when at rest/stored, is encrypted to level AES 256­bit.

QWARE utilises the Microsoft Azure platform as the secure platform for Paribus 365™ ­details be found in our Network Security statement.

Data collected by QWARE to offer Paribus services

We will collect information that identifies individuals personally (such as name, address, phone numbers and email address) from, for example, a submitted form with a request for information about QWARE’s solutions or access to our services. We may collect additional information, if provided, including but not limited to: job title, employer, business telephone number, and mailing address. We will only collect and use this information to the extent it is necessary to respond to any enquiry, form, amend or perform a contractual relationship with individuals or the organisations for which they are authorised, and to send communications related to our solutions, products, services, promotions, company, and other products or services. We will not provide that data to third parties QWARE shall access certain data, such as the quantity of users, from systems that Subscribers connect to Paribus in order that we may provide, maintain and charge for the service. We may also collect technical information, including anonymised data about the use of our sites and the areas of our sites visited through the use of industry­-standard cookies.

QWARE employee access to this data is restricted and available to staff only on a need­-to-know basis applicable to their role in order to provide the service.

Password Policy for QWARE Site and Paribus Management

Our password guidelines permit the user to create a password with a minimum of six Alphabetical characters plus one Numerical and one Special character which is stored in encrypted form involving a one-­way cryptographic hash function. To prevent third parties compromising any password, these are never transmitted or stored in their original form. Additionally, in those cases where QWARE allows linking to third party on-­demand systems, customer authentication information to those systems is stored in encrypted form, with the encryption keys stored separately and in an access­-limited way.

PCI Compliance

When charging Subscribers for Paribus 365™ services via credit cards, QWARE utilises separate and secure transaction systems from which QWARE has no means whatsoever to access credit card data.

Data collected by Paribus

Paribus 365™ comprises of an interactive (Paribus Interactive™), online service used to search for, and intercept the addition of possible duplicate, records within sales-­based systems and an on­-premise, curative application (Paribus Discovery™) used to identify en-­masse potential duplicate records for removal or merging. In both cases, these records are generally the accounts (customers or organisations), leads (business opportunities) or contacts (people) within the sales system and are known collectively as the Subscriber Data. Paribus Interactive™ and Paribus Discovery™ use specific data management techniques and locations.

All Paribus’ Subscriber Data is collected and stored based on Subscribers’ sole and exclusive decisions and does not become owned by QWARE at any time. Further, QWARE has no direct relationship with the individuals whose personal data is processed through Subscribers’ use of Paribus.

Subscriber Data in Paribus Interactive™

Subscriber Data collected for and by Paribus Interactive™ is stored in a segmented network with no public access and in encrypted with AES 256­bit. Data is only transmitted over public networks using certified SSL/TLS protocols.

Upon cancellation of a subscription to the Paribus Interactive™ service, all Subscriber Data collected by Paribus shall be deleted and purged from our network.

Subscriber Data in Paribus Discovery™

All Subscriber Data collected for and by Paribus Discovery™ is stored in Subscriber specified, owned and managed networks and QWARE can have no influence or control over those environments.