Dynamics 365 Data Deduplication - Everyone's Mission

Making CRM Data Quality Everyone's Mission

It is well known that data is the lifeblood of your organization and vitally important to keeping your business running smoothly and growing. Good data allows you to make informed decisions, it’s important for customer relationships and provides valuable insight into market trends and ultimately the direction your business should go.

Empower your Dynamics 365 users to help your Data Quality Management goals.

Community Dynamics 365 CRM Data DeDuplication

Community Dynamics 365 CRM Data Deduplication

While good quality data is a must, the negative effects of poor data can be disastrous to your business. Duplicate data is the worst type of poor data, as it has far-reaching effects across your system. For more information on why duplicates are harming your system, please read our article on the subject.

It Takes a Village

Typically, removing CRM duplicates (deduplication) is a job for the IT department; the data stewards, and/or the CRM administrators. The only issue with having the IT department remove the duplicates is they usually do not know the data like the users do and often do not like taking on that responsibility without the users’ input.

We have all heard the term "it takes a village" as it relates to raising children, but the proverb also applies to creating and maintaining quality data. It cannot be the sole responsibility of the IT department, as the CRM users play an important role as well.

It really does take every CRM user to take some responsibility for maintaining the quality of the data. The first step is to make sure everyone knows their role and they are properly trained in the expected procedures and best practices for searching, adding, editing, and merging records.

User Training for Maintaining Quality Data

The first step in proper training is making sure your users understand the importance of the Single Customer View (SCV) and how to use it effectively. Providing user training on data entry standards and best practices will ensure the SCV remains accurate, and your system will remain clean and efficient.

Users should understand that searching for records before attempting to add them will allow them to see any duplicates that may already exist in the system and discourage them from further adding duplicates. This will also save them the hassle of adding a record that is already there, and users will see the time-saving benefit immediately. Searching is always faster than adding!

Finally, if given the ability to merge, users should be trained to identify and properly merge duplicate records they discover, keeping in mind any policies your organization has in place.

Merging with Paribus 365™

Understanding that the CRM user can play an important role in maintaining data quality, Paribus 365 is designed with that thought in mind.

Paribus 365™ removes duplicates in bulk, but also prevents further duplicates from being entered, all while making users more efficient and improving the overall workflow and experience of Dynamics 365.

In version 5.1, Paribus 365™ Search & Detect includes the ability for CRM users to merge records within MS Dynamics 365, supporting the belief that users can play an important role in removing duplicates (deduplication) as they go about their daily use of Dynamics 365.

But keep in mind that the idea is not to burden the user with additional responsibility, but rather to make them more efficient in their ability to use Dynamics 365 effortlessly and to empower them to be part of the data cleansing solution, along with the IT, marketing, and other departments.

Let’s review the new CRM Deduplication feature in more depth here.

Paribus 365™ is revolutionizing the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 users manage their data – as the proven DQ for Dynamics solution, your data quality guardian for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Saving users precious time and empowering organizations to finally realize the true potential of their customer data.


See Paribus 365™, the Dynamics 365 data deduplication solution, in action by requesting a free 30-day  trial, or contact us for a demo.

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