How to Achieve Clean Data


If you are reading this article you likely appreciate that poor data quality in business systems can have negative consequences. To avoid the financial costs and poor customer relations that can occur your goal is clear, you need Clean Data!

How to achieve Clean Data with Paribus 365

Why Clean Data is Important 

You probably appreciate that poor data quality in business systems can have serious negative consequences, including:

Lost Sales:  Inaccurate customer information can lead to lost sales and missed opportunities.

Inefficient Operations: Employees needlessly wasting time searching for accurate information or correcting errors in records as well as poorly managed inventory can impact the supply chain.

Customer Dissatisfaction: Incorrect customer information can lead to poor customer service, as employees may struggle to provide accurate and personalized assistance.

Regulatory Compliance Issues: Inaccurate or outdated data can lead to non-compliance with data protection regulations, resulting in legal penalties and fines.

Redundant Work and Increased Costs: Duplicate data entries can result in redundant work, as employees may unknowingly repeat tasks or processes. Rectifying data errors and inconsistencies can be time-consuming and costly.

Strategic Decision-Making: Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to flawed business intelligence and analytics, influencing strategic decision-making based on unreliable information.

To avoid these financial costs and poor customer relations that can occur, your goal is clear, you want Clean Data!

Clean Data Stages

There are two separate phases to achieve this goal:

Phase 1:  Data cleansing
Phase 2: Maintaining clean data

Some general recommendations on gathering key data and how to maintain good quality data can be found in these related articles: 10 Top Tips for Good Quality Data and Data Entry Standards – Guidelines and Examples. However, there is one cause of problems with data that is problematic to all businesses, and that is duplicate data. In this article, we will focus on how the two main functions of Paribus 365™ can clean the data and keep the data clean while making users more efficient.

Phase 1:  Data Cleansing

Paribus 365™ has a deduplication component that allows the identification of duplicates in bulk. Paribus 365™ Data Cleansing includes ready-to-use templates for identifying duplicates in your CRM system, which can be customized to meet almost any need.

Paribus 365’s search technology uses a matching algorithm called QMatch+ that will recognize potential duplication, including those that would be missed through a standard SQL query. Potential duplicates where one of the records may have been misspelled; had abbreviations used, or had short names entered will be flagged for review for future merging during the search process. Further details on the Paribus 365™ matching capabilities can be found here.

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Infor CRM, the software can resolve the duplicates by merging the records and realigning related records, restoring the Single Customer View. For other systems, an export of the duplicate results including the database key fields is available so that further action can be taken outside of Paribus 365 Data Cleansing.

Phase 2: Maintaining Clean Data

Once the duplicates have been removed, the goal shifts to maintaining a duplicate-free system. Paribus 365™ Search and Detect provides a collection of services to the base Dynamics product, to enhance the user experience around searching and entering data, making it super easy for users to find data with a “Google-like” search capability, also preventing users from ever adding in duplicates again and alert them to any potential existing duplicates. It also improves the out-of-the-box experience in Dynamics 365 by improving the data entry process, providing fuzzy lookup and so much more. With periodic re-runs of Paribus 365 Data Cleansing as part of your ongoing maintenance program you can maintain a duplicate-free system. 

Further details and a free trial are available here.

Paribus 365™ is revolutionizing the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 users manage their data – as the proven Data Quality for Dynamics solution, your data quality guardian for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Saving users precious time and empowering organizations to finally realize the true potential of their customer data.


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