Data Matching for your CRM


Find out what kinds of data Paribus 365™ can match upon and in what ways it can find matching data

What's the Issue?

Business data held within your business applications, such as the names of customer organisations, people, addresses and such like, often take on the form of varying disciplines regarding the data content.

Content that can often also be fraught with data issues and anomalies, such as poorly captured data, unformatted and unstructured data and generally unmanaged data. Ultimately leading to business issues such as data duplication and a lack of data consolidation.

So having understood the issues that we face with business data, what is required is an ability to identify the nature of such issues, quantify them, and ultimately resolve them.

Paribus 365™ Data Matching

The Paribus 365™ data matching capabilities is a collection of very sophisticated data matching algorithms which provide the ability to intelligently identify matches within your business data, regardless of the various data anomalies which often exist. This can often be referred to as fuzzy data matching. We have designed and crafted these algorithms over many years to address many of the classic data issues, such as:

  • Phonetic likenesses
  • Synonyms and name variations
  • Sequence variation
  • Data Segmentation
  • Data Sanitization
  • Irrespective of word segmentation, noise words and minor spelling errors.
CRM Data Matching Capabilities with Paribus 365

Phonetic Data Matching

Paribus 365 is able to match data based upon phonetic likeness:

  • Foto Centre, Photo Center
  • Charyl Wiatt, Sherly Wyiatt, Sherril Wyatt
  • Brian Dickson, Bryan Dixon
  • Robert Stephenson, Bob Stevenson, Bobbie Stevensen

Synonyms and Abbreviations

Paribus 365™ provides support for matching synonyms and acronyms:

  • Robert, Bob, Bobbie, Rob, Robbie, Roberto
  • William, Will, Willy, Bill, Billy
  • Richard, Rich, Ric, Rick, Ricky, Dick
  • Geoff, Jeff
  • Lewis, Alois, Alosh, Aloysious (international names)
  • International Business Machines, IBM, I.B.M, The International Business Machines Corporation

Sequence Variation

Paribus 365™ provides a unique feature of identifying matches regardless of the sequence and extent of the words and/or names contained:

  • Florida University, University of Florida
  • Arizona 1st National Bank, First national bank of Arizona
  • West Midlands Police, West Midlands and District Metropolitan Police
  • 123 Acacia Avenue, 123 Flat-A Acacia Ave, Flat A 123 Acacia Avenue

Data Segmentation

Paribus includes the ability to match data (e.g. names) regardless of the data segmentation (spacing and punctuation):

  • QWARE Limited Q Ware Limited Q-Ware Limited
  • GuideMark Guide Mark, Guide-Mark
  • 3Com, 3 Com, 3-Com

Data Sanitization

The Paribus data matching engine employs a process of data cleansing to ensure the most efficient data matching capability:

  • Corporation, Corp
  • Limited, Ltd
  • University, Uni
  • Road, Rd; Avenue, Ave

Harnessing the Power

Using the power of Paribus 365’s data matching capabilities we can deploy this in one of two ways, each providing a defined business benefit as a result.

Firstly we can utilise Paribus’ matching capability in an exploratory nature to identify similarities within a mass of data. This typically is the case when wishing to intelligently identify groups of duplicate data within a business application database.

This is exactly how the Paribus 365™ data matching capabilities are utilized within the product.

Secondly, we can utilise the Paribus matching capability in an interactive nature to identify matching data from an enquiry search type operation. This typically is the case when wishing to intelligently seek (query) information from a business application or database.

This is exactly how the Paribus 365™ data matching engine is utilized within the product.


Paribus 365™ is the proven Data Quality solution for Dynamics 365, your data quality guardian for Microsoft Dynamics 365,
providing users with the confidence the customer data they see in Dynamics 365 is:

✓ The single version of the truth

✓ With smart duplicate detection defining a Single Customer View (SCV)

✓ And proactive duplicate detection in safeguarding data quality

✓ Realize Your Customer Data 

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Data Matching for your CRM


Data Matching for your CRM

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