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Release Notes / Version History

Paribus 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365

This section outlines the product release notes and version history for Paribus 365 integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Current Release

Version Details


Paribus 365 – Web Client

Release Date: August 2023

  • New: Ad-hoc Merge – Paribus 365™ Search & Detect now offers the ability to perform a Merge* of each identified duplicate entity record with its related primary record right from the user interface, as duplicates are displayed.
    *(subject to user having sufficient permissions)
  • New: Mobile Friendly – We have greatly enhanced the responsiveness and design in Paribus 365™ Search & Detect, delivering an much improved user experience on mobile, tablet and web clients.
  • Update: General UI/UX improvements.
  • Fixes: Solution Manager disconnect/reconnect sticky connections.
  • Fixes: Broken parent Lookup on clicking “Associate”.
  • Fixes: Various bug fixes & improvements.


Paribus 365 – Cloud Services

Release Date: April 2023

  • New: New Paribus 365™ 365 Cloud Gateway infrastructure.
    *(subject to user having sufficient permissions)
  • Update: Improved automated monitoring and reporting for increased quality of service
  • Update: Improved service start-up time via multi-threaded dictionary initialisation.
  • Update: Improved query performance and memory usage
  • Update: Improved stability of service during Azure SQL transient issues.

Revision History

Version Details


Paribus 365 – Web Client

Release Date: April 2022

  • New: Support for new Paribus 365™ cloud infrastructure.
  • Fixes: “Wave 1” compatible update


Paribus 365 – Web Client

Release Date: April 2022

  • Update: Unified Client Interface (UCI) compatible update.


Paribus Interactive for Dynamics 365/CRM – Update Release

Release Date: March 2017 (Build# 170301)

  • Update: Improved Security procedures for making searches.
  • Update: General UI/UX improvements.
  • Fixes: Searches are made asynchronously to CRM, meaning the screen does not freeze whilst searches are ongoing.
  • Fixes: Updated the resource/help links to point to the Paribus Help Center.
  • Fixes: Solution Manager now fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • Fixes: Solution Manager will find the form name within an entity (e.g. Account), not the first occurrence of the form name in the CRM system.

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