Paribus Discovery™ login problem with SQL Server 2005 (or later)

Summary: Information support article relating to issues when logging into Paribus Discovery™ (version 1.3.2 or below) using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (or later).
Article Type: Technical Article
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Issue Outline

There was an issue when logging into Paribus Discovery™ using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as the Control Database, where you get an error (similar to the one shown below) even when you have the correct username and password.

This issue has been resolved in Paribus Discovery version 1.3.3.  This article provides a work-around that can be used for those on versions prior to version 1.3.3.

Cause of the issue

The cause of the issue is due to the way that previous versions of Paribus Discovery made connections to Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Microsoft SQL Server versions prior to 2005 were not Case-Sensitive when authenticating users, thus earlier versions of Paribus Discovery did not need to factor this into the authentication process.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is however Case-Sensitive, so if the SQL account being used is lower-case (“parabus_user”, for example); when Paribus coverts to UPPER-CASE, SQL Server will always reject the connection attempt.

Workaround / Solution

As mentioned previously, this issue has now been resolved in Paribus Discovery version 1.3.3, so we would recommend upgrading to the latest version.

To work-around this issue with the current version of Paribus Discovery, you can do the following:

  • Follow the steps provided in the related article “Database user permissions required to use Paribus Discovery”, which will show you how to create a new SQL login account for Paribus, but…
  • When you get to the section: “Create a new database login”, BOTH the Login name and Password must be all in UPPER-CASE.  The User Name and Password may be alpha-numeric, but all characters must be CAPITALS.

NOTE: If you have already created a dedicated SQL login for Paribus, you could simply rename the account to be in UPPER-CASE and like-wise for the account password.

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