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Paribus Interactive Subscription Key is invalid

Summary: Paribus Interactive Subscription Key is invalid
(Paribus Interactive Subscription Validation Failure)
Article Type: Troubleshooting
Related Product(s): This article relates to the following products:

  • Paribus Interactive
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Should you receive the following message:

“Paribus Interactive experienced a subscription validation failure – Subscription Key is invalid (or does not exist).”

Possible Reasons for this Message:

  • The Subscription Key has been entered incorrectly
  • The cloud server you are attempting to connect to is not the correct server for your subscription – check the Cloud Regions
  • The Subscription Key genuinely does not exist
  • The Subscription is currently being provisioned and not yet available within the Paribus Cloud
  • The Subscription has been suspended, cancelled or terminated, and thus removed from the Paribus Cloud

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See the Paribus Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.