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Can I change the language of Paribus 365™labels?

Summary: Can I change Paribus 365™ labels’ language?
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Quick Answer

While there is not a ‘Language’ setting anywhere in Paribus 365™ that would allow you to change all labels in a single change, there is the ability to change what the labels say.  This effectively allows you to change the display language of Paribus 365™ by changing what all of the labels say to the language of your choice.  This is all configurable through the solution manager.

How to Change the Search Labels Language

As alluded to above, the changes can be made through the solution manager. If you need to download the solution manager, head here to get the latest version. As normal, once you’re in the solution manager connect to your CRM instance. If you need guidance to do this, use this article to step you through the process. Now navigate to the Search Engine tab on the left-hand side and select the search you would like to edit – for this article, I’ll use the General Search – and press the edit button at the bottom of your screen.

The solution manager
Figure 1- The solution manager

To change the wording of your labels there are a few areas that need changing: the Search Labels, the names of the Searches, and the Search Operators.

  • The name of the Search can be changed in the first window that opens after click edit. (In the General Tab of the Paribus Search Rule Editor). From here change the ‘Rule Name’ which is the name of the search that is visible in your CRM. Secondly, if you change the ‘Search Term’ it will change the wording on the search button in your CRM.

    Changing the Rule Name and Search Term.
    Figure 2 – Changing the Rule Name and Search Term.
    • Within the Paribus Search Rule Editor, navigate to the Paribus Search Fields tab. Now select the Search Field to change and select Edit. To change the wording of the search label then edit the Search Field Label.

      Paribus Interactive language
      Figure 3 – Changing what the Search Field says
    • Now, to change the name of the group itself: click on Modify Groups; select the group to edit and click edit; and then change the Group Name.
  • The final area to change is the Search Operator.  This is what appears when you conduct searches and tells you how many matches you have.  To edit these, navigate to the ‘Paribus Search Operators’ tab in the Search Rule Editor. As before, choose the operator to change and click edit.  Here we have a couple of areas to change.
    Editing the Paribus Interactive Search Operators
    Figure 4 – Editing the Paribus Interactive Search Operators
      • The Operator Name is what will appear in a tool tip if you hover your mouse over that operator in your CRM instance.
    • Now move to the ‘Paribus Notifications/Results’.
      • The Notification/Alert Phrases allow to you change what your CRM displays when presenting Paribus Interactive Search results specific to this Search Operator.
      • The Search Term is shown in your CRM instance when Paribus 365™ is conducting its search.
      • The Paribus Match Results Header is displayed above your Paribus 365™ Search Results for this specific operator.

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