Data De-Duplication for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with QGate Paribus Discovery

Using Paribus Discovery with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Online – Data Extraction Utility

Summary: Using the Data Extraction Utility to ensure CRM Online is compatible with Paribus Discovery
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Using Paribus Discovery with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Online – Data Extraction Utility


Historically, Paribus Discovery made use of on premise SQL Databases to obtain your CRM data and run the Paribus matching algorithm on it.  However, with the advent of CRM Online, both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Paribus Discovery can no longer access the SQL Databases directly.


Running Paribus Discovery requires access to a SQL database containing the data to be de-deduplicated. Therefore a Data Extraction Utility has been made to achieve this.  The Data Extraction Utility is the first step to using Paribus Discovery with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM online, with its purpose to download all of your CRM data and sort it into a local database for Paribus Discovery to use.

However, we decided to take this a step further -rather than just storing all of CRM data in the same format it was Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, we refine the data into information specific tables.  Consequently, this is a much better data set for Paribus Discovery to match on, improving its matching efficiency.

Every time the Utility is run, you will be able to chose which CRM Entities you want to download. We then clean the database of any records relating to that entity. Thus ensuring that the new data downloaded is the most accurate representation of your CRM instance.


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See the Paribus Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.