Add a Paribus Discovery Custom Field and make use of it

Summary: This set of articles walks you through creating the different types of custom fields and how you can make use of them in Paribus Discovery.
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  • Paribus Discovery
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365
  • Infor CRM / Saleslogix

Paribus Discovery custom field

Paribus Discovery provides definition sets for three different CRM systems.  The definitions are for standard tables and fields however customers may have  custom fields.  And a custom field may help with the deduplication task in various ways.  For example:

  • As an Information Column to assist a business user to identify a Primary record
  • As a means to filter records for checking
  • As a condition to determine potential duplication

Below are links to a number of articles that show how to work with custom fields in Paribus Discovery including how to export your own definitions for use in a new Paribus Control database.

  1. Custom fields – Extracting – This only applies to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 customers.
  2. Custom fields – Setting up an Information Column 
  3. Custom fields – Converting Option Sets
  4. Custom fields – Adding as a filter
  5. Custom fields – Adding as a Match condition
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See the Paribus Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.